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10 proven methods to encourage your students' independence

How can you encourage your students' metacognitive skills, and turn them into mindful, self-reflective, balanced and successful learners?

After reading our free CPD paper you will:

✅ Understand what metacognition is and how you can help your students develop a skill they already have naturally.

✅ Be ready to implement our targeted learning techniques, which are customisable and applicable to any educational level.

✅ Feel inspired to work with our digital, interactive toolkit to helps boost learners' metacognitive skills as well as your own.

Metacognition- webinar

After watching our free 'on demand' webinar you will:

✅ Understand how you can encourage metacognition in the classroom.

✅ Discover how to make your students understand its life-changing potential.

✅ Implement clear, simple, targeted methods to encourage metacognitive skills.